The ability to have an important effect on someone or something

Sales people, leaders, accountants, HR professionals, you name it. Every single role has one important thing in common, we all need to influence every day to get our jobs done. You attempt to influence others to buy your product, to invest in your company, to work on your project, abide by your process... to make a choice to get on board with you, or not. We can ALL benefit from improving our ability to influence. But how?

Program Approach

Deep practice, quick results

  • 4 small-group, LIVE sessions

    This is a multi-session interactive virtual online program. Each live session will be 60-90 minutes. All you'll need is a device with a camera, speakers, a microphone and a quiet space whenever the program is in session.

  • Try it & Apply it!

    Get work done as you learn through a handful of development assignments, to be completed on your own time. You will be provided access to the recorded live sessions and a Presentation Planner Playbook to reference as often as you'd like!

  • 1:1 Coaching

    Let's talk about you, your content and your delivery. At the midpoint of the program, you will be scheduled for a 30 minute coaching session, with either Holly or Sara, and receive a personalized FeedForward Coaching Plan.


It starts with aligning you, your content, and your delivery to create a powerful story aimed at your objectives. You likely have experience and strong foundational skills; this program will enable you to quickly refine those skills through focused activities, practice, peer & expert coaching so that you can be confident in your abilities to influence, lead, sell and gain credibility when it matters most. Don’t waste another day with less than stellar influencing skills. Through active participation and application, participants will:

  • Feel confident in your abilities to engage decision makers in face-to-face or virtual environment

  • Create memorable stories and experiences that inspire, inform, or persuade

  • Influence others and inspire action when it matters most

  • Design high-impact slides and compelling visuals that amplify my message

  • Inspire good dialogue not just Q&A

Program Details

    1. A message from Holly & Sara

    2. 3 Quick questions to answer

    3. Complete this checklist before you begin

    1. Download the Presentation Planner Playbook

    2. Schedule your 1x1 Coaching Session

    1. Download the Team Practice Toolkit

    1. Download a template that WORKS

    1. Resources

    2. Before you go...

About this course

  • $1,150.00
  • 9 lessons

Your facilitation team & coaches

Really, it's not about us - it's about YOU

Partner & Co-Founder Holly LaBoda

Meet Holly, a dynamic sales leader with a passion for helping her clients achieve remarkable growth. Holly cut her teeth at large, high-growth organizations before co-founding Luminaries Consulting, where she brings her expertise in crafting impactful sales strategies and delivering transformative development solutions that produce measurable outcomes. Whether it's developing go-to-market strategies or nurturing sales talent, Holly's focus is always on delivering real and rapid results. ​ She is a frequent speaker at industry events, and an active Board member for the Transportation Sales & Marketing Association where she received the honor of Partner of the Year in 2023.

Partner & Co-Founder Sara Black

When you work with Sara, you're working with a seasoned professional who has not only honed her skills at the top Fortune 500 companies but also carried those best practices into her consulting. Her expertise in Account Management and Leadership are unrivaled, and it shows in the excellence of the courses and programs she facilitates. As an active TIA member, she ensures she remains at the forefront of industry changes and trends.

Bonus material

In addition to course content & coaching, each participant will receive

  • Story Selling Planner

    A structure you can use again and again to plan powerful presentations

  • Personalized feedforward plan

    Specific and personal guidance from one of our expert coaches

  • Recorded development & coaching sessions

    Review all content again or make up for schedule conflicts through access to all group and individual session recordings


You might be wondering...

  • If I have a conflict with 1 or more of the live sessions, should I still participate?

    Yes! You have a couple of options. If you have a conflict with 1 or more live sessions, but can commit to watching the recorded sessions asap - you'll still have a great learning experience. If you'd rather participate in the program when you can attend all 4 live sessions - get on our waiting list for next time!

  • How much time do I need to commit to over the 2 week program?

    In total, it's a 2 day program. You should expect to dedicate 6-8 hours per week over the 2 weeks.

  • What are the assignments?

    One of the reasons this program is so effective is because you apply what you learn, to your real life situations through hands on practice and short assignments. You will record brief videos, put together your key messages, visual support and more!

  • What if I want my whole team to attend?

    If you know of 5 or more people who want to attend this program, you can host your own private workshop tailored to your group, at your speed, based on your calendar, and focused on what matters most to you!

  • How much will we interact with the small group?

    A lot! We limit capacity at 10 so you will get to know everyone in the group through activities, discussion and practice. We make sure it's a comfortable environment for everyone to have fun while stretching their skills and trying new things!