This course will prepare you & your team to:

  • Recognize a negotiable moment

  • Identify ideal outcomes

  • Adjust your approach to reach agreementrrowrro

  • Negotiate value beyond price

  • Reach an agreement to move forward

Getting Started ...

Participate in a self-directed course and put your skills to practice in the 1-day hands on workshop!

    1. The Confident Negotiator

    2. Negotiating - It's What We Do!

    1. Adjust Your Approach - 5 Styles to Leverage

    2. Seven Elements - Harvard Negotiation Project

    1. Apply what You've Learned!

How it works

  • 5 lessons
  • Online Self Directed Resources
  • 1-day Team Workshop
  • Gained skill & confidence!

Adjust your negotiations approach to match the situation...

... ideal outcome and desired relationship