Time management is critical to us all - busy executives who are in meetings all day and do their "work at night", operations roles who feel like they are at the mercy of demands from salespeople, their boss and their customers, sales people who feel like they are fighting fires all day and don't have time to sell. In this course, you'll learn how to take back control of your most precious and fleeting resource, your time.

  • Identify things that are currently taking up your time

  • Reduce time in non-productive, non-revenue-generating areas

  • Leverage strategies to drive your own productivity and efficiency

Course curriculum

    1. Let's get started

    2. Meet Jet

    1. What are your priorities?

    2. Download: Working Smarter Workbook

    3. Determine what's important vs urgent

    1. The myth of multitasking

    2. FOCUS where it matters most

    3. Which focus skill could help you?

    1. Design your day, week, month

    2. Set yourself up for success

About this course

  • $39.00
  • 10 lessons