Accelerating Virtual Sales Success

In this dynamic 6-week program, you'll learn to leverage virtual selling techniques to connect with prospects and customers, build deeper relationships, advance opportunities through the pipeline, and close sales. 

Whether by necessity or choice, virtual selling has become more and more prevalent in our industry. To remain relevant and competitive, salespeople, account managers, and leaders must shift the way they were engaging prospects and customers.

Through active participation and application, you will be able to: 

  • Identify where your logistics prospects are in the buying process and meet them there
  • Create an entrance strategy that leverages virtual resources
  • Gain access to decision makers (from the trans manager to the C-suite)
  • Build real relationships virtually
  • Communicate a compelling value proposition that's targeted at your buyers' needs
  • Conduct advanced sales dialogue to uncover the most pressing opportunities
  • Present engaging logistics solutions that deliver results and close the deal

Dynamic Learning Experience

Online learning doesn't mean less effective learning. This program is designed to fully engage participants and ensure application and results by leveraging:

  • An engaging blend of self-directed video and presentation-based lessons

  • Learning assignments that drive application of the content to the participants book of business

  • Real-time feedback from peers and facilitators

  • Assessments and knowledge checks that gauge learning and application

  • Downloadable tools and resources for ongoing use

Course curriculum

    1. What's so different about virtual sales?

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin... (pre-learning assessment)

    4. Navigating the Buyer's Journey

    5. Assess & reassess the buying process

    6. Uncover YOUR buyer's unique process

    1. Prospecting Pre-Assessment

    2. Establish Your Prospecting Focus

    3. Aim Where You're Likely to Win

    4. Develop Your Ideal Customer Profile

    5. Gather Information to Fuel Your Value Proposition

    6. Establish a Strong Value Proposition

    7. Craft Your Value Proposition

    8. Manage your Prospecting Time

    9. Check Your Learning

    1. Gaining Access Pre-Assessment

    2. What is Gaining Access?

    3. Build an Entrance Strategy that Works

    4. Practice Gaining Access

    5. Beyond Rapport

    6. REAP the Benefit of Objections

    7. Practice An Objection

    1. Leveraging Social Tools Pre-Asessment

    2. Leveraging Social Tools as a PART of Your Entrance Strategy

    3. Manage Your Presence

    4. Create a Buyer-Connection Strategy & Get Feedback

    5. Engage Your Network

    6. Test your learning

    1. Advanced Sales Pre-Assessment

    2. Create connections through video

    3. Virtual Discovery Observation

    4. Effective Virtual Discovery

    5. Prepare for your Virtual Discovery Conversation

    6. Add Value in Every Interaction

    7. Test your learning

    1. Closing the Deal Pre-Asessment

    2. Managing the Meeting

    3. Solution Design Planner

    4. Propose Solutions Virtually & Close the Deal

    5. Test Your Learning

    6. Capstone Assignment

About this course

  • $349.00
  • 45 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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Meet Your Instructors

Sara Black and Holly LaBoda

Sara and Holly each spent 10 years developing the sales force of a leading logistics company, and now help transportation and logistics teams of all sizes and types improve their performance and results. As sales people, they have tried it all, and as consultants they have experienced nearly every sales development program and approach out there. They know what works, and what doesn't, for logistics sales.

Hear what our participants have to say:

5 star rating

New Selling Techniques

Ryan Kirby

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would easily recommend to anyone in the logistics industry. It has helped me connect with new prospects more efficien...

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I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would easily recommend to anyone in the logistics industry. It has helped me connect with new prospects more efficiently and also changed some of my fundamental selling strategies/approaches.

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5 star rating


Jon Schaub

This is a great tool and resource. Virtual sales is the new normal!

This is a great tool and resource. Virtual sales is the new normal!

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4 star rating


Dexter Hosillos

helps refresh my memory and create / identify correct prospect!

helps refresh my memory and create / identify correct prospect!

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5 star rating

Quick and refreshing!

Jon Erives

No overkill, just the goods and substance. Great class!

No overkill, just the goods and substance. Great class!

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star rating


  • How long will I have access to my courses?

    You will have access to your course for 1 year, from the date of your enrollment. This means you can not only learn at your own pace but go back and revisit portions of content as you continue to learn and grow. We also periodically make updates to courses, so you’ll have access to those changes as well!

  • What if I don’t remember to complete them?

    The Logistics Sales Academy will automatically send you weekly reminders with your course progress and an easy log-in link. We also recommend setting yourself up for success by blocking time on your own calendar, when it works for you, to complete your learning.

  • I am interested in enrolling a group, how do I do that?

    Depending on the size of your group, we have some options available. Email to discuss!

  • Why do I have to practice / role play?

    We know that role-playing isn’t the most comfortable or convenient thing, but we do it for one simple reason: it works. Here’s why. Many of the approaches we cover are what we refer to as “easy to know, hard to do”. You can understand a concept, even explain it to me or discuss how you would go about it. But until you try it, get a feel for how it sounds, and work the kinks out, you can’t really do it. Not consistently. Practicing in an environment like this lets you build the muscle memory you need so when you go to use those skills in the real world (with real clients) it sounds natural. Our courses also have built-in feedback components, and we can’t give you feedback on how you “would do” something… we want you to DO IT!