Course curriculum

    1. Welcome & a tale of two sales people

    2. Gear up for this program

    3. Download Your Prospecting Playbook

    1. Build a targeted pipeline

    2. Aim where you're likely to win

    3. Identify your ideal customer(s)

    4. Your Prospecting Playbook: Complete your ICP

    5. Leverage the #1 Lead Source

    6. Targeted Prospecting Cohort Call #1

    1. Focus on Customer Value

    2. Establish a Strong Value Proposition

    3. Your Prospecting Playbook: Draft Your Value Proposition(s)

    4. Sales & the Buying Process

    5. Navigating the Buyer's Journey

    6. Assess & reassess the buying process

    7. Targeted Prospecting Cohort Call #2

    1. What is Gaining Access?

    2. Select your leads

    3. Build an Entrance Strategy that Works

    4. Gaining Access Via Phone

    5. Gaining Access Via Voicemail

    6. Gaining Access Via Email

    7. Your Prospecting Playbook: Prepare to Gain Access

    8. Targeted Prospecting Cohort Call #3

    1. Beyond Rapport

    2. Getting prospects to know, like & trust you

    3. Bonus! 15 ways to build trust fast

    4. Conduct Prospecting Dialogue

    5. Objections

    6. REAP the benefits from objections

    7. Your Prospecting Playbook: Prepare for your objections

    8. Targeted Prospecting Cohort Call #4

    1. Congratulations! Here's what's next

    2. How did it go? Please share your feedback

About this course

  • 34 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content
  • 4 Hours of Live Practice & Coaching
  • 1 10-page customizable playbook to increase your efficiency and effectiveness
  • 4-weeks of guided development

Available by private cohort only

We've found that participants learn this content best, and organizations get the highest ROI, when they work through it as a group. This approach includes self-directed modules as well as live virtual sessions with guidance from our facilitators. Contact us about setting up a cohort for your team!

Bonus material

  • Build Your Own Prospecting Playbook

    Throughout the course, you'll complete your own playbook, a repeatable game plan that will help you target and start conversations with your ideal prospects.

  • Individual and team coaching

    This program is built in a cohort model, and includes 4 live sessions with one of our sales coaches. Together, we'll work through key concepts and apply them to your business, setting you up for quick results.

  • Recorded cohort calls

    All live cohort calls are automatically recorded and available for further review, or for any participants who may miss a session.

Social proof: reviews

5 star rating

Helpful and thoughtful approach to prospecting

Jennifer Karpus-Romain

I really enjoyed this sales training because it challenged the way I was doing things by giving me tangible ways to engage and shift my own perspective. I li...

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I really enjoyed this sales training because it challenged the way I was doing things by giving me tangible ways to engage and shift my own perspective. I liked that I was able to work things out on my own first, and then meet with my group and our wonderful facilitator Holly to then role play and perfect my strategy and verbiage. We all walked out with a game plan and a strategy.

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Your guide

Partner & Co-Founder Holly LaBoda

Meet Holly, a dynamic sales leader with a passion for helping her clients achieve remarkable growth. Holly cut her teeth at large, high-growth organizations before co-founding Luminaries Consulting, where she brings her expertise in crafting impactful sales strategies and delivering transformative development solutions that produce measurable outcomes. Whether it's developing go-to-market strategies or nurturing sales talent, Holly's focus is always on delivering real and rapid results. ​ She is a frequent speaker at industry events, and an active Board member for the Transportation Sales & Marketing Association where she received the honor of Partner of the Year in 2023.